Books two and three of the Fairy Senses series are out!

I've also made book one, Fairy Eyeglasses, free.  It'll be free for as long as that helps drive sales to the other books in the series.  You can get it free on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or Google Play.

Chapter fifteen of To Prevent World Peace is also out now!  It's started updating on the website, and you can buy a copy as epub, PDF, or in print here.

Current progress on various projects:
(updated May 15, 2016)

Currently updating on Patreon:

The Fires of the Rulership


To Prevent World Peace Chapter Sixteen


To Prevent World Peace Tiffany short story

Writing (publication on June 15th):

Fairy Barometer (Fairy Senses #4)


Dragon's Egg (Dragon Eggs #1)

On hold until December:

A Magical Roommate: The Second Semester