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Good news!  My second book, Worlds of Wonder: A Short Story Anthology, is now published!

The book I originally wanted to publish this year isn't yet finished, but I felt it was important to publish a book this year, and then I realized: Wait a minute!  I had an entire book-length collection of short stories finished!  So why not do a short story anthology?

Three of the short stories are have been available to read since last year; four more are now available on this website.  The last two in the anthology are my personal favorites: "On the Way Through the Woods" and "When the Wilkinsons Grew."

For those of you who have been wanting to read more Black Magic Academy, the second-to-last short story in the anthology, "On the Way Through the Woods," will be particularly interesting.  It's a deleted scene that I turned into a short story, and I think it stands alone very well.  It's very funny.

I'm numbering the first fifty copies I sign, if you want to buy a print book from me!

Progress on various story projects:


The Keeper and the Rulership


To Prevent World Peace Chapter Twelve


A Magical Roommate: The First Semester




To Prevent World Peace Tiffany short story