Dragon's First Christmas and The Fires of the Rulership are now released!

Dragon's First Christmas is the sequel to Dragon's Hope and Dragon's Egg.  While it's a third in the series, it's written so it can stand alone.

The Fires of the Rulership is the sequel to The Keeper and the Rulership, which you've probably already read if you have the Noblebright: Light in the Darkness box set.

Fairy Icepack, the eighth Fairy Senses book, will come out next.  Then probably the ninth.

Current progress on various projects:
(updated January 3, 2016)

Will be starting to update soon on Patreon:

Trials of a Teenage Werevulture


To Prevent World Peace Chapter Sixteen


To Prevent World Peace Tiffany short story


Fairy Icepack (Fairy Senses #8)


Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy

Stalled until I have time:

A Magical Roommate: The Second Semester