Raneh has magic.

That's not a good thing.

In the Rulership, landowners are forbidden to use magic, on pains of death.  She will get killed if she's caught, but she can't stop the stuff from growing.  So she shoves it into weeds, hoping nobody will notice, and tries to maintain a typical lifestyle for an eighteen-year-old heir.

Hiding it is working just fine, until the Ruler comes to visit.  The Ruler seems to have some ulterior motive . . . and she's the one who forbids magic.  Raneh would do anything for her family, but it's impossible for her to stop growing the magic that will make them all a target.

Her options are shrinking fast . . .

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The first book collection of my comic strip.

Aylia's remarkably oblivious parents decide to send her to college in our world.  And then she meets her new roommate, a chemistry major who loves to blow things up.  Things look bad.

This book contains all 266 strips of the first semester, plus an extra 40 strips that are only available in the book.

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A tax form for time-travelers.  A dragon pulls Santa's sleigh.  This collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories ranges from the quirky to the serious to just plain silly.

Contains the following short stories:

"Rite of Passage"
"A Phone Conversation"
"The Spinning Talent"
"Cindy's Fairy Godmother"
"Monster Under the Bed"
"Time Switch"
"The Apple of Discord"
"Advanced Precognition"
"Beauty and Brave"
"The Dragon and the Santa"
"Interplanetary Edition"
"Schedule TMTR"
"On the Way Through the Woods"
"When the Wilkinsons Grew"

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Mildred doesn't like black magic.  But her mother was once valedictorian of Black Magic Academy, so her aunts insist she needs to follow in her footsteps and become one too.

Mildred doesn't want to be part of the popular crowd.  Nor does she care about her "death-enemy."  And she certainly has no interest in murderous spells.  But if the teachers catch on that she's actually a good witch . . . well, they don't react well to that kind of ignominy.

What's the only good witch in a school of wicked witches to do?

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